Game Face

Whew, time to get my game face on—this two week layoff thing is tough. Enough partying in South Beach. After getting into the routine of a game every weekend, it’s hard to deal with the two weeks off. I know you haven’t heard from me in over a week, but it’s just a few more days until Super Sunday Monday. That’s right. Public launch is on Monday.

Why am I wasting my time on another marginally witty blog post you ask? Well jackass, because while I’ve been slacking on the blog duties we’ve rolled out a bunch of new features.

Televised Game Alerts – Did you catch the Texas/OSU game? I didn’t. I’m serious. So here comes Alerts to save me from further embarrassment. Just select the level of alerts you want and if you want them sent via email or cell phone. Or master your domain even more by choosing “The LaDainian”: High alerts sent via email and those show-stopping Severe alerts sent to both your email account and your cell phone.

Bleachers – Let’s be honest. You’re going to watch a lot more games from a bar or your couch than in person this year. Just because you’ll miss out on those small seats and sticky floors, doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the satisfaction of screaming at that idiot fan three rows up. Each game now has its own set of Bleachers. You can head over there to keep track of the score, see who is voting for the game, and of course to post “I knew it all along!” after your team pulls off the upset.

User Profiles – User Profiles have gotten a facelift and new fields have been added to let you share more about the sports, teams and players that you love and love to hate. Also, you can now post “Shout”s on your friends’ pages, a great way to let them know their Alma Mater is gonna tank this weekend.

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