No Dessert, I Filled up on Boise Bread

ericlau says:
haven’t i seen this national championship game before?
ericlau says:
but with willis mcgayhee (phonetic spelling) and that handsome young maurice clarett?

At this point we can only hope this game (ignoring that McGahee played for Miami and not Florida) is half as good as the 2002 BCS Championship. I’ll be honest, the Boise State game was too good not to be the end of the college football season for me. I’ve already shut it down folks—this game just wasn’t grabbing me. And now, at halftime, with OSU’s 10 point a game defense on pace to give up a 60 spot, and Florida’s 3 for 12 kicker booting ’em from everywhere, I have a feeling the second half is gonna be a snoozer.

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  1. ericlau says:

    details details. all florida teams look the same to me. hurricanes, gators. aren’t they all blue and orange?

    i’m hoping the drama comes after the game, when the stars break their knees hours after amazingly lucrative insurance policies are signed. and other stars do something stupid like flash a gun at their local fast food restaurant.

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