Numero Uno

It has been about 12 hours without smoke coming out of the server, so I figure it’s time for the first blog post.

On November 11th, 2000, I hopped on the couch to watch the Miami Dolphins travel to the Meadowlands to play my hometown Jets. Possibly the most uncomfortable couch ever (think burlap), couldn’t keep me from being excited about watching the two 5-1 rivals on Monday night–I had just moved from the East Coast to Austin, and was ready to ruwt for my Jets.

Not so much.

For the first three quarters, hometown boy Jay Fiedler completely dismantled Gang Green, moving up and down the field leading them to a 30-7 advantage. But…starting with a Testaverde pass early in the 4th, the Jets scored 30 points in the last 13 minutes of the game, and added a John Hall 40-yard game-winning field goal in overtime as the bow on a stunning comeback and one of the best games ever played on Monday Night Football. Mark is excited right? Having just moved to a new town Mark feels a little closer to home after watching his team pull off the comeback, right? Right?

Not so much.

What I fail to mention about November 11th, 2000, is that I went to bed early. I clicked the power button on the TV with disdain and crashed, only to wake up in the morning to see what I missed. Six years later and I still live with the shame… Okay, not really, but shouldn’t there be a way to make sure things like this happen? Whether it’s Hester ruining Leinart’s coming out party (and ruining Green’s stability), or the Nets and Suns scoring a 824 points in a double-overtime thriller, RUWT? is here to make sure you never miss a classic.

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