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60-Day Return Policy

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Well it’s been two months since this crazy idea got off the ground. My lame excuse that “I bought it with cash so I don’t have a receipt” or my uber-witty comments to the cute girl at the returns counter just won’t work anymore—might as well celebrate. To mark a whopping two months of existence, we’re rolling out three new, great features on Monday. And you don’t even have to get us anything.

WHester asked if Wednesday’s Texas vs. Texas A&M game was the highest rated game we’ve had so far and surprisingly the answer is no. The whopping 203 points was a close second to the women’s double OT game between Texas Tech and Oklahoma back in January, but I have a feeling this game had more folks watching.

People, has there been a more exciting conference than the Big 12 this year? At first I thought maybe I was being a homer, but just about every week there’s another classic from that conference. Strap in for the Big 12 Tournament—you can bet it’s going to be nuts.

update: I know I said the new stuff was coming out today. But my dog ate it. I left it at home. The Internet was broken? Yeah. It’ll be out tomorrow. Almost definitely.